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Posted 03.11.15 by prhcareers

By Claire Thomas, @OD_ClaireT

It was tough, I can’t deny, thinking about you instead of me.

What might you be curious about, like to know about, as you make your way through the muddy waters that work so often is? Perhaps you’re a job seeker – a novice or a weary veteran – or maybe you’d just like to know how to be the best possible you: you on a berocca day, me on a gin day.

The pickings were rich and varied. I could easily have been led astray with so many tempting presenters and exhibitors to choose from, all with stories to share of what’s new, what’s worked, what’s not – here at #cipd15 to support and facilitate a positive change to the way we think and approach the world of work.

I know the suspense will be almost too much by now so let’s get on with it. Here’s what we’re going to be sharing together over the next two days.

Day 1: 

Peter Cheese (who fittingly enough is the big cheese at the CIPD) will open the conference.

We’ll then hear Sir Cary Cooper (@ProfCaryCooper) deliver his key note speech Wellbeing At Work

This is a hot topic, in fact, it’s getting scorching. Everyone intuitively knows that wellbeing is “a good thing” but how to do it well is quite another when demands are increasing and the downtime just stays up. Sir Cary will share ideas about how we might improve our mental capacity at work, as well as exploring the major causes of workplace stress and what depletes our mental wellbeing.

We’ll then hop across to the sprawling, vibrant exhibition hall where hundreds of companies are pitching up as we speak, ready to share their ideas, products and services. There are lots of free learning events and Taking Neuroscience in People Development One Step Further has caught my eye because the session sounds too intriguing to miss: ‘how conformity and mind tactics restrict the powerful influence of human instinct and its impact on talent and engagement’. I need to find out more.

Glassdoor (@glassdoor) are next on the list. It’s huge in the U.S. but taking longer to get off the ground in the UK. Does employer branding matter? Can employers really offer what they promise to prospective employees? What are your thoughts – what do you look for in an employer?

We’re then back to the conference hall for a masterclass with Sir Clive Woodward with his session the DNA of a Champion (@clivewoodward). Clive believes that talent alone is not enough and that there are four criteria which characterise champion individuals and teams in both business and sport. The good news is that he believes these can be coached so be sure to check in to find out how you too can become a champion.

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to the next session. I do confess that this choice is probably more about me than you but I hope you’ll forgive the detour as our very own Neil Morrison (@neilmorrison) will be presenting, along with Matt Elliott from Virgin Money. They’ll be playing to a full house, sharing why it’s essential to have a flexible approach when developing your organisation. Neil will focus on the merger between Penguin and Random House and the deliberate steps we have taken to bring these two great publishing houses together and forward.

And in case this session is short on laughs (just kidding Neil), I’ll round off the day with a masterclass with Laughology who’ll be focusing on the Serious Business Of Being Happy. We’ll learn the skills and strategies needed to make us happier and more resilient.

And, if all this isn’t enough for you, here’s the plan for Thursday.

Day 2: 

I’ve signed up for a breakfast seminar with Meg (@OD_optimist) and Doug (@dougshaw1) called HR Unscrambled. Not quite sure what’s in store but I like eggs and I like them so I’m sure it will all be good.

Picking up where Laughology left off, The School of Life will be running a masterclass on resilience. I’ve chosen this because, as they say, life isn’t always fair and adversity can strike at any moment. Is there anything we can do about it? They think so and so we’ll be learning how we can develop our resilience – our ability to withstand or recover from difficult situations.

We’re then back to the exhibition hall to attend a session on Handling Workplace Conflict. It’s something that affects us all at some point in our career, but what do we do when it happens? It’s not just an HR issue.

Expect then an interesting  debate about how we make diversity and inclusion work. The panel discussion will explore what’s working and what’s not. How is it that we are still struggling to create workplaces that are open and welcoming to all?

And then, because we won’t have quite fried our brains enough, we’ll end the conference with a session on neuroscience and how we can use it to help us perform to our best. This session will look at what affects our motivation and how we can move towards better performance, including helping our brain to maintain focus and creativity at work.

So that’s it, that’s what in store. I hope you enjoy your whistle stop tour of the world of work and find some useful tips to help you in whatever it is that you do. I’ll be tweeting throughout the sessions and will be sharing end of day blogs.

Please join me, talk to me and share your thoughts and questions. It’s more fun that way.

Claire Thomas, our Head of Organisational Development, aka the architect of The Scheme, is going to be our guest blogger tomorrow and Thursday.

She’s going to be attending the UK’s biggest annual get together of people interested in the world of work.

Her mission is simple: to bring the inside scoop outside and share with you what’s on the minds of some of the biggest influencers in this field.

Follow Claire on Twitter @PRHCareersUK and @OD_ClaireT

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