All about applications for the Summer Internship Programme

Posted 12.03.21 by Bella Williams

You don’t need a degree (or knowledge of publishing) to get a place on one of our internships.

What matters to us are the key things we’ll be looking for throughout the selection process:


Paying attention to the detail

You’ll have a forensic eye for detail, working with care and being able to spot and fix any errors you come across.


You’re always looking outward and are keen to learn. You enjoy exploring many viewpoints, and learning about new ideas and concepts.

Ability to take initiative

You solve problems before they’ve even arisen. You don’t sit and wait for opportunities to come to you; you make things happen.


This involves everything from being able to write clear and engaging emails and reports to being comfortable talking to a range of people, whether that’s team members, industry contacts or members of the public.


You thrive on keeping things on track, whether for yourself or other people, taking a methodical approach to any task.

Making the work you do count

A genuine interest in what you’re doing and approaching it with a great attitude.

Preparing your application


There’s no need for CVs or cover letters, when you apply, you’ll answer three questions in 250 words or less.

To help you think about and plan your answers, here’s what we’ll be asking:


Question one is all about communication


Whether it’s getting other people excited about something, or understanding someone else’s point of view – building relationships is useful in any job.

Tell us about a time when you’ve built a relationship, and used your communication skills to solve a problem. How did you build the relationship to reach a solution? What was the outcome?


Question two is your opportunity to show us how you take initiative


Tell us about a time when you had an idea, and took the initiative to turn it into a reality. What steps did you take? What was the end result?

We’re looking for demonstration of initiative in your example. This might be when you’ve made something happen, or been proactive and solved a challenge before being asked.


Question three is where you’ll tell us about your curiosity


If you could start a conversation with a subject matter expert on something that you’re curious about, what would it be about? Why does it interest you? What makes you want to find out more about it?

This could be anything. For example – cultural moments, social media trends or current affairs.


If you’ve got more questions, head to our FAQs.

We want to get to know you in your answers, but remember they will be marked by your potential future colleagues, so be sure that you’d be comfortable with them reading the content of your answers.

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