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Making your CV stand out

Posted 25.09.15

How to sell yourself… well, not literally Your CV is the first way to grab our attention, so it’s important to get it right. There’s lots of information…
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Zoom in on the covering letter

Posted 09.01.15

Earlier in the year we gave you a bit of an overview on how to make your covering letter stand out from the crowd. You can remind yourself…
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Turning the tables – preparing your own interview questions

Posted 19.11.14

So you’ve prepared well for your interview – you’ve given great examples of your experience, you’ve demonstrated your passion for the role and you’ve even nailed a couple…
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Meet Rachael – Digital Marketing Intern

Posted 05.09.14

I spent a lot of time talking about books on the internet before I started my internship at Penguin Random House, on both my YouTube channel and my…
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Meet Claudia – Marketing Intern

Posted 04.09.14

It’s no secret that publishing is very competitive to get into. We’ve all heard how essential work experience is, and to be honest, this is not far from…
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Meet Charlotte – Production Intern

Posted 03.09.14

Hello! My name is Charlotte and I’m currently working within Penguin UK’s Production department as part of Penguin’s Summer Internship Scheme. Before interning at Penguin, I studied English…
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Meet Méabh – Children’s Publicity Intern

Posted 02.09.14

Save for the countless picture and chapter books stuffed into every nook and cranny of the surrounding area, the PR department of Penguin Children’s is a far cry…
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Meet Giulia – Group Commercial Sales Intern

Posted 01.09.14

As the Group Commercial Sales intern for Penguin Random House, I work to analyse and promote our titles within the international e-book market…amongst other things! On a day-to-day…
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Job titles decoded

Posted 13.08.14

If you are looking to break into publishing and/or haven’t worked for a publisher previously, we thought it might help to de-mystify the language we use internally to…
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The digital interview

Posted 15.05.14

Just when you thought you had the face-to-face interview technique perfected, a new breed of interview has arrived: the digital interview.  The concept may be unfamiliar, and even…
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