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Meet Giulia – Group Commercial Sales Intern

Posted 01.09.14

As the Group Commercial Sales intern for Penguin Random House, I work to analyse and promote our titles within the international e-book market…amongst other things! On a day-to-day…
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Meet our Summer Interns

Posted 01.09.14

So as the long, (not-so-hot) summer draws to a close, we thought you might like to hear from our 2014 interns in terms of how they’ve been spending…
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Job titles decoded

Posted 13.08.14

If you are looking to break into publishing and/or haven’t worked for a publisher previously, we thought it might help to de-mystify the language we use internally to…
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Tough interview questions: what to do if you’re stuck

Posted 01.07.14

In a recent post, we gave you some insight into how to answer those tough interview questions you weren’t expecting. You can refresh your memory here. But what…
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The digital interview

Posted 15.05.14

Just when you thought you had the face-to-face interview technique perfected, a new breed of interview has arrived: the digital interview.  The concept may be unfamiliar, and even…
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Tough interview questions: a guide to tackling them

Posted 02.04.14

We’ve all been in an interview where someone has asked us a question which made us freeze up – either because we didn’t see it coming, or because…
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Interview etiquette: the dos and don’ts

Posted 03.03.14

So you’ve got the perfect CV and a covering letter good enough to sell meat to a vegetarian. The next step to securing that dream job is the…
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What makes a covering letter stand out?

Posted 03.02.14

Following on from last month’s blog post on CV writing tips, we’re now going to give a bit of limelight to the covering letter. Your covering letter is…
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Selling yourself: your CV

Posted 06.01.14

How to sell yourself… well, not literally Your CV is the first way to grab our attention, so it’s important to get it right. There’s lots of information…
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Welcome to our blog

Posted 02.12.13

Welcome to the Penguin Random House UK careers blog. We’re hoping to create a place where we can share information with you about how we recruit, how you can…
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