How much time do you spend online?

Digital technology is allowing us to get closer to our readers than we’ve ever been before.


And bonding with our consumers online will ensure that this relationship lasts – today, tomorrow and in the future.

Our structure

The Digital team leads our consumer strategy across the business.


From Insight and Marketing to Publishing and Digital Development – the team is all about getting close to our readers and bringing our brands to life online.

Do you have creative ambition? Not afraid to experiment?

Whatever your background – whether you’re in marketing or product development – having conviction in your ideas, and the persuasion and practical skill to make them happen, is what we look for.


Digital technology has revolutionised how we consume entertainment – not just books, but film, broadcast and music too. If you’ve worked with digital audiences in any of these areas, we’d love to hear from you.

Our blog

But what’s it really like?


Who better to share with you what a career in Digital is like at Penguin Random House than the people doing these jobs?

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