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Sales conference 2016

Posted 29.02.16

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll have noticed that we weren’t at our desks for most of last week – over a thousand of us took ourselves…
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Delivering feedback, training with the National Theatre

Posted 22.02.16

“It was a treat to have to engage with ideas and theory that are not part of my everyday work life.”   Hello, Beth – tell us a…
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Meet Tom, Head of Data, Insight & Analytics


“As a team, the work we do is quite technical and scientific in nature – getting to do a role like that in such a creative industry is…
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Introducing our new careers website

Posted 16.02.16

Last week we were thrilled to launch our first website for Penguin Random House Careers UK. We brought our social media channels together fairly early on into the…
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Meet James, Business Analyst

Posted 20.01.16

“There is a very vibrant and friendly culture within our team across all sites.” Hello, James – so you’re a Business Analyst – what does that mean? A…
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Meet Cat, Publicity Assistant


“I once dressed up as a giant lobster…” Hello, Cat – so you’re a Publicity Assistant – what does that mean? As a Publicity Assistant at Vintage, my…
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Meet our Learning and Development team

Posted 19.01.16

"We’re not afraid to try new things, push boundaries and do things differently." Meet our L&D team – Nicola, Cara, Sophie, Alex and Yasmin Hello, Team L&D –...
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Meet Gulliver, Commercial Lawyer

Posted 18.01.16

“I previously wouldn’t get away with wearing jeans and suede winkle-pickers.” Hello, Gulliver – so you’re a Commercial Lawyer – what does that mean? Basically I’m a solicitor….
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Meet Annie, Producer

Posted 15.01.16

“Every day is different because every book is different.” Hello, Annie – so you’re a Producer – what does that mean? In production we work on the book…
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Meet Suzanna, Head of Customer Services


“The best thing about my job? The people” Hello, Suzanna – so you’re Head of Customer Services – what does that mean? I am responsible for Frating and…
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