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Posted 04.11.15 by prhcareers

By Claire Thomas, @OD_ClaireT

I can guess what you might be thinking if you’ve been following today’s tweets from #cipd15.

HR people talk about people. Big deal. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to be doing?

The irony isn’t lost on me either but when, er, did we stop doing this? I’m not sure that we’d ever hear an accountant say ‘sorry we’ve stopped doing numbers’.

So, let’s just take it as a good thing that people are once again back firmly centre stage.

And this was, without doubt, the core theme running throughout the day – let’s make things more human around here.

And let’s do this in a way that makes most sense for our own organisations and for our own people. We don’t have to sheep dip and we certainly don’t need to create more rules.

There is room to adapt, for individuality and to contextualise, as Peter Cheese said. And there is certainly plenty of room for ethics (and Essex).

Sir Cary Cooper’s discussion on mental health shows what happens when we forget that we are human.

There is an impact – and not a good one.

Working all hours, checking emails first and last thing, turning up for work but not actually doing anything when we are there all contribute to rising stress levels.

Stress is now the number one reason for being absent from work which means that we need to act and we need to make changes now. Otherwise, we are all likely to fall over… eventually.

Can you truly be yourself at work with all this going on? Advice from Courageous Success is that we should strive to be, and that we need to start asking our hearts what we should do, not our heads. It’s all about Heart thinking. When did you last do that at work?

Sir Clive Woodward urged us to be sponges, not rocks.

Talent alone won’t get us to where we need to be – we must also be teachable, ready to learn and to soak up information.

Other essential ingredients to become a champion include acting like a warrior – it’s all about thinking correctly under pressure. Have you thought about all possible scenarios that might deter you from your goal? If you haven’t, you aren’t going to make the right decisions under pressure. Simple as that.

The final ingredient?  You need the right attitude for success.

Repeat after me: Ability, Teachability, Handling Pressure, Right Attitude = I Am A Champion.

Companies as well as people have hearts and we heard from two organisations that are consciously putting their people first.

Matt Elliot from Virgin Money talked about ensuring that everyone was better off in his organisation following a merger.

Neil Morrison (and hand up, I admit to a little bias here) shared the people-focused values which underpin the way things are done at Penguin Random House.

What was common to both was the deliberate creation of shared principles to consistently drive actions and decisions across their organisations.

And to round off the day, we learnt about the importance of laughing and what happiness is from Laughology.

Handily for me, it was condensed down to the following five factors: Coping skills, Positive Relationships, Support, Confidence and Personal Development.

And the last thought for the day.

Remember that what you are is contagious.

Claire Thomas, our Head of Organisational Development, aka the architect of The Scheme, is our guest blogger.

She’s attending the UK’s biggest annual get together of people interested in the world of work.

Her mission is simple: to bring the inside scoop outside and share with you what’s on the minds of some of the biggest influencers in this field.

Follow Claire on Twitter @PRHCareersUK and @OD_ClaireT

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