Meet Feranmi, Marketing Intern for the Cornerstone Team

Posted 13.10.21 by Bella Williams

“I can sit here with confidence and say that I understand how a book is made, and how important every single role is “


Typing away on my laptop, thinking earnestly about the past 38 days, my thoughts drift back to my first week.


I was bubbling to the brim with nerves and excitement. I think about when I met my managers over Microsoft Teams and they welcomed me into Cornerstone and Del Rey, the two teams I would be working with over the summer. They told me about my projects and put me at ease with their kind words and friendliness, and I remember feeling my nerves slowly drift away.


My thoughts go back to when I attended my first meetings – experiencing publishing first-hand, for the first time. I soon found myself with the knowledge of what an ‘acquisition’ was, and how great ideas are turned into physical pages. I found myself seeing how front covers are chosen from dozens of beautiful images, how crime books are positioned in the market, and how the amazing campaigns behind different romance books were made.


I think back to how I virtually crossed paths with people from different teams; Editorial, Design, Sales, Rights, Publicity – and of course, my own team, Marketing.


I remember how willing everyone was to spend time to explain things, especially when I recall how publishing was an entire world unknown to me. And, as I type these words, I can sit here with confidence and say that I understand how a book is made, and how important every single role is here at Penguin, no matter what department you work in!


My mind drifts back to the various projects I’ve completed during my time at Penguin. Assisting in managing the Del Rey UK Instagram from day to day was full of fun, as I created posts for the feed. I was working on creating social media adverts for romance novels that will be used on Facebook. I was contributing to the division’s Christmas campaign planning with my own ideas of how to make it more exciting and festive. There was so much to get involved in, from adverts to creating resource packs for retailers. My time here almost feels like a blur. But as I sit here and type wistfully, I’m glad I dove in to all that was to offer.


In diving in, I was surprised by how easily I slipped into the rhythm of things. If I were to paint a picture of my time at Penguin, I have no doubt in my mind that the colours on the canvas would be as vivid and as lively as the people that work here. The company is full of friendly faces, who are patient and willing to teach. All so incredibly welcoming – to the point where it felt like home.


In a type of job as diverse as publishing, something new was bound to happen every day. As I’m typing this, I realise that I’ll miss the weekly catch ups with my managers, where we spoke about anything and everything. I’ll miss the friends I made in the other interns, who were lovely and willing to share their similar experiences. Lastly, I’ll miss logging on every morning, excited to start the day and complete my projects.


Some of you may be hesitant to apply. Your fingers hover over the keyboard and you’re reluctant to click ‘submit’. You’ve never even considered a career in publishing.


But don’t hesitate. My advice to you is just do it! You’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn about yourself in the process and how much you can accomplish in a company like Penguin.

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