Meet James, Business Analyst

Posted 20.01.16 by prhcareers

“There is a very vibrant and friendly culture within our team across all sites.”

Turner, James - photo1.png

Hello, James – so you’re a Business Analyst – what does that mean?

A number of things, really. At the moment I have seconded onto the one SOP/one Biblio project, which is a 3 year programme to consolidate various systems and processes across Penguin Random House and DK.  Previously my role involved the consolidation of the PRH UK group budget which involved working with finance stakeholders within the divisions as well as senior stakeholders in the group departments.

Where were you before Penguin Random House?

I was at Selfridges and before that Harrods working in their finance departments.

What’s it like to do Finance at Penguin Random House?

As unlikely as it sounds, working in the Penguin Random House Finance function is a lot of fun. In the period after the merger there have been a wide variety of things to get stuck into making no two days the same.

What’s the culture like in your team?

There is a very vibrant and friendly culture within our team across all sites. Everyone is keen to help each other and gets on both inside and often outside the office.

Best thing about your job?

The best thing about my role would be the interaction with such a vast number of people whose involvement span across such a wide range of activities within PRH. From working with Facilities who manage the numerous sites across the country to sitting in IT project meetings talking about multi-million pound spends on various systems.

Biggest challenge to your job?

The biggest challenge which I face is juggling so many different expectations. It can often be difficult to challenge people over what they can and cannot spend as there are the majority of the PRH workforce is incredibly passionate about what they do and come up with numerous initiatives and way of improving the service which they provide the business.  Our role is to ensure that the business receives best value for money on its investment.

All-time favourite book/story?

Andrew Flintoff – Ashes to Ashes (I’ve read every book he has written!)

Guilty pleasure?

Geordie Shore