Meet Suzanna, Head of Customer Services

Posted 15.01.16 by prhcareers

“The best thing about my job? The people”

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Hello, Suzanna – so you’re Head of Customer Services – what does that mean?

I am responsible for Frating and Grantham Customer service teams who process all customer orders. They are the glue that facilitate every sale, and have such a wide and varied work load.  We also handle customer queries which can be anything from customer complaining that a recipe that doesn’t work in a cookery book to organising shipping quotes to international destinations.  We deal with all customer complaints and work with the other functions to recover service for the customer.

Where were you before Penguin Random House?  

On returning from abroad where I had been working in New Zealand and Australia for 6 years, I joined RSA (Royal Sun Alliance) based in the brand new Walkie Talkie building in the city.  I was heading up a customer experience change across the UK sites. I was responsible for delivering strategy on ‘ease of doing business’ and ‘service recovery’ and travelled on a weekly bases to sites including Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, London, Sussex and Essex.

What’s it like to do Customer Services at Penguin Random House?

I work with amazing people who do a really hard job day in and day out.  We are measured on productivity and quality and we always have to try and do more with less, which is an ongoing challenge.  We can feel quite detached from the day-to-day creative side of the business we work in, and so it’s important that I try and bring that alive for my team and help them to feel part of the bigger picture.   Customer service is a really great function to get a feel for the customers’ experience and what difference and impact good and bad service can have on the end customer.

What’s the culture like in your team?

They love to help others and bend over backwards to be really flexible,  they care about each other and are very charitable.

What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to you at work this week?

We held a strategy session with the team and they were so inspiring with the ideas on how we can improve – I felt really proud.

Best thing about your job?

The people

Biggest challenge to your job?

Systems, there is so much potential to improve our efficiency and eliminate errors, the current systems are holding us back.  I will certainly be championing improvements in this area.

When you are recruiting, what are the things you look for in a candidate?  

Passion, energy and a curious mind.

All-time favourite book/story?  

‘Our Iceberg is Melting’ – a business book about change by John Kotter, it’s so relevant and it really resonates no matter what type of industry you work in.

Guilty pleasure?  

Popcorn, snickers bars and a Mojito!


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