Sales conference 2016

Posted 29.02.16 by prhcareers

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll have noticed that we weren’t at our desks for most of last week – over a thousand of us took ourselves off to Birmingham for our 2016 Sales Conference.

Yes, there were lanyards, and supplies of single-serving shortbread biscuits – but similarities to other corporate conferences end here. Well, perhaps apart from the dodgy dancing on Thursday evening…

Our CEO Tom Weldon set the tone for the two days. Tom spoke about how he was proud of our legacy, but more interested in our future. He talked about being proud to be bringing books into the world, and that they and our authors stand at the centre of what we do, and why we were here today.

Over the two days, we heard from each of our eight publishing divisions, as well as leaders and colleagues in strategy, insight, brand and corporate responsibility.

We can’t imagine any other scenario where you could be live-drawing the BFG with Quentin Blake one minute and then hearing about the life story of Yanis Varoufakis the next – all beneath one roof.

The presentations took us beyond the book as well. We learnt about the power of insight and data – understanding how to influence consumers, whether that’s repositioning marketing around a strapline for a debut novel, or the design of a social platform for teenagers.

A new partnership with Ministry of Stories was also revealed – with the aim of closing the creativity gap in the UK for 7,500 children in the next three years.

Trying to describe the diversity of what we experienced over the two days is a bit like trying to describe a (very) surreal dream but if you’re curious, we’ve created a Storify of our tweets from the two days here.

If you search the hashtag #PRHUK2016 on Twitter, even with all the hangover tweets on Friday morning (!), you’ll get a sense of the energy and purpose that all of us came away with.

“To colour the world with books and make life less black and white”. That’s the newly-revealed Penguin brand purpose. To be part of this company, and to be doing a job where you are bringing books to the world, feels pretty good right now.




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