Telling people about the next big book

Marketing and Publicity is about breaking through the noise.


It’s how you get – and keep – people’s attention.


It’s also about building audiences and communities for our authors and brands – and keeping them hungry for the next instalment.

Our structure

Each of our Publishers has its own dedicated Marketing and Publicity team.


The Digital team amplify campaigns across the group and our Communications team look after our corporate voice, both internally and externally.

Can you keep people coming back for more?

It’s not about a hard-sell – and often, you’ll have to be creative with your budget. It’s about starting conversations with readers and forging loyalty to an author or brand.


We don’t mind if you’ve worked with books before, or not. What we look for in this area are creative ideas, digital savvy and the persuasiveness and adaptability to see those ideas through every step of your campaign.

Our blog

But what’s it really like?


Who better to share with you what a career in Marketing and Publicity is like at Penguin Random House than the people doing these jobs?

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