Work in Publishing Week: Editorial

Posted 22.11.19 by Ellie Harlow

Curious about publishing, but want to find out what it’s really like? Who better to share with you what a career is like at Penguin Random House than the people doing these jobs?

During Work in Publishing Week, our colleagues from Marketing, Design, Technology, Production, Publicity, Editorial, Sales and Distribution will share their insights. We’ll also be giving tips from our Resourcing team about how to make your application stand out.

Yesterday we spoke to Sriya about Publicity, and today we’re talking to Tehreem Tahir about Editorial. Tehreem is an Editorial Assistant at Ladybird.


Hi Tehreem, could you tell us one thing that would surprise people about your job?


It really is as fun as it seems!

At a junior position like mine, you would assume there is just a lot of admin that needs doing – which is true to a certain extent – but there is constantly an abundance of opportunities for me to get stuck into.

From the offset, my wonderful team have encouraged me to get involved in projects that interest me and are always looking to hear from me with any ideas I may have.

They always empower me, nurture my growth and treat my ideas with value and respect – as they would with anyone else in the team!


What skills do you need to work in Editorial?


Proofreading and copy-editing will probably be the two main skills people associate with a role in Editorial and whilst these are both key to an extent, there is so much more involved.

It will come as no surprise that clear and strong communication skills are essential. Working in Editorial will mean that you’ll be speaking to several people – both internal and external to the company – so the ability to communicate clearly is vital. You will need a good eye for detail, confidence to share your creative input and exceptional organisational skills to juggle the many tasks you’ll be handling at any given time.

The best thing about the skills you need and those you gain from working in an Editorial team is that they highly transferrable and can always be applied, wherever you are in your career.

It’s also very important to remember that the skills you have aren’t set in stone – you are constantly learning, refining and growing them. It’s not only about the skills you bring but also those you learn along the way!


Top tips for applying for a job in Editorial from our Resourcing team:


Firstly, a love of books is definitely something we’ll be looking for. Are you up to date with the latest titles? It’s helpful in your application to let us know what type of books you’d particularly enjoy working on – whatever they are. If you have an up to date book review blog, or social media platform – share the link so we can get to know more about your passion for books.

For your application to stand out, be sure to read the job description and get an idea of the type of books the division you’re applying to publishes, and let us know your knowledge of the trends going on in that area.

Collaborating with others is also part of the job, and any experience with customer service, or completing projects with others would be a real bonus. Organisation is also an essential skill. Perhaps you’ve worked as an assistant, or helped to coordinate a project, making sure that everyone was in the right place, at the right time, with all the right resources.


Hear more about what the day to day involves from Frankie Gray, Publishing Director at Transworld:


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