Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We are, and have always been, the home of great stories and ideas from the world’s best authors. We seek out, nurture, and publish all kinds of writers – from bestsellers to debut talent – connecting their books with readers around the globe. Our founders laid the roots for who we are today; celebrating creativity, championing independence, and promoting inclusion. Back in 1935, we invented the paperback, making good quality literature affordable and accessible. This mission remains at our heart. We make books for everyone, because a book can change anyone.  

Our commitment to equality and representing the rich diversity of our society – both in who we publish and the people we work with – remains firmly in our sightline. Each book, each colleague, and each voice are critical in helping us become a more inclusive employer and publisher.  

Our employee Belong networks and faith groups

At Penguin we recognise the value and opportunity that connecting with fellow colleagues can bring. Our Belong networks are colleague-led, always growing, and sponsored by a leader who formally champions and advocates for the group.

BeWell focuses on the wellbeing of colleagues; how we can support each other and how we can work with the company on events and initiatives suggested by the group

Colour[Full]’s mission is to create a safe, fun and dedicated space for people of colour and ethnic minorities to thrive

Common Ground is aimed at supporting people from working class or lower socio-economic backgrounds, looking to provide a welcoming and inclusive space for colleagues, as well as to work to reduce economic, regional, and social barriers to publishing

The Green Team allows colleagues to play an active part in molding the sustainable ethos of Penguin and drive our eco-friendly-at-work agenda forward

#IamRemarkable strives to empower underrepresented groups, especially women in Technology and Data roles, to speak openly about their accomplishments in the workplace and beyond, thereby breaking modesty norms and glass ceilings

The Pride network’s mission is to create a safe, fun, and supportive environment for queer staff to thrive and find a community

The Muslim Accord is there to help Penguin colleagues foster a sense of kinship and connect with others across the business and network with those they might not otherwise meet

Penguin Parents is a practical and social space to network, mentor, and share advice at any stage of the parenting journey

AccessAbility advocates for disability inclusion for those who are neurodivergent, disabled, or have a long-term conditions

Prime Time is Penguin’s age inclusion network founded with the aims of voicing the perspectives of our older colleagues and those with adult caring responsibilities, ensuring we have proper representation in training, benefits, and development, challenging easy assumptions about the over 50s, and promoting the value of our decades of experience for an intergenerational workforce.

The Jewish Colleague Community is a space for Jewish colleagues to connect. This channel is a safe space for colleagues who identify as Jewish to socialise, share and support one another.

Alongside the Belong networks are a range of cross-company social, community and sport networks to meet every interest. They range from knitting and chess, to softball and film.

Our strategy

Representation in all teams, at all levels

Aim: to publish boldly and creatively, we need a workforce that represents a range of backgrounds and experiences at all levels. We want our entire company to reflect the rich diversity of UK society.

Goal: new hires reflect UK society by the end of 2023 and senior leaders by the end of 2026

A culture where everyone can belong

Aim: we want to create a culture where everyone feels able to be themselves at work. This means ensuring people feel safe to voice their ideas and views, and that others are willing to learn and listen.

Goal: all colleagues feel an equal sense of belonging, regardless of background

Publishing books for everyone

Aim: the authors and books we publish need to reflect and reach all areas of society, to help our readers understand more about themselves and the world around them.

Goal: new authors reflect UK society by the end of 2023

Penguin Offices (150 of 202)

The IAG is a decision-making body that shapes our inclusion strategy and holds the company accountable for progress. Representatives from the Belong networks sit on the group to ensure colleague experiences are consulted during decision-making. Networks share the everyday experiences of their members with senior leaders, build psychological safety and relationships between networks and leaders, and generate ideas on future priorities.

action group

For us, profit and purpose go hand in hand. We’re a commercial company, and our people focus on growth and being the best in the industry. Making money allows us to invest in our colleagues, new books and address the issues we care about, from literacy to equal access to books.

Social impact has always been part of our DNA. In 1935 our founder, Allen Lane, established Penguin to make good quality books affordable and accessible to everyone. In doing so, he created a paperback revolution that democratised literature and transformed publishing.

We remain true to Allen Lane’s original vision today through our mission: we make books for everyone, because a book can change anyone.


Here you’ll find many opportunities for connecting with your teammates and colleagues across the wider business in. Connecting Cuppas, family fun days, quarterly company drinks, team away days and company volunteering opportunities all help us build relationships as a company. Get inspired at our flagship Penguin Presents event where you’ll connect with your colleagues, our amazing books and authors on a bi-annual basis.

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The Forum

Forum Representatives play a key role in ensuring that we engage our colleagues improving day to day working life, and building on our success as a thriving creative business.

Our Representatives ensure that there is an ongoing and open dialogue between our leadership team and colleagues. So we can adapt the way we do things when we need to.

This past year we have achieved…

110 internal mentor partnerships

80 Creative Access mentees supported

159 work experience trainees placed

519 inclusive managers trained

381 academy courses completed

10,000+ reached by outreach events and workshops