Vauxhall Bridge

Penguin Random House UK
20 Vauxhall Bridge Road
+44 20 7840 8400

You’ll find colleagues from Rights, Technology, HR, Facilities, Publishing Operations, Contracts, Sales,
Cornerstone Publishing, Ebury Publishing, and Vintage Publishing at our Vauxhall Bridge Road office.

Getting here

The nearest stations are Pimlico (underground), Vauxhall (underground and overground), and Victoria (underground and overground). Vauxhall and Victoria have step free access, Pimlico does not. You can also find further information on accessible travel at

The following buses stop close to our office: 2, 36, 185, 436, 87, 88, 360, C10.

Front of PRH office showing glass front double doors
Interior glass double doors lead from front door into reception.
Card reader at street level with sign reading 'Please touch your pass onto the card reader below for access.'

The front entrance of the Vauxhall Bridge Road office includes two steps. Facilities can provide a ramp to access this door (width – 1.6m), which can be requested in advance. Use the intercom to speak with reception. 

There is step-free access to the building from the rear entrance (width – 1.2 m) on Causton Street. If you need to use this entrance, first contact security via the intercom at the front of the building on Vauxhall Bridge Road. 

Two parking bays located next to Swan pub on Causton Street​
Parking information sign on Causton Street reads 'Pay by phone 020 7125 9090 or text 07860 022 205 quoting location 6520. 4 hours. No return within 1 hour'

There are two public parking bays next to The Swan pub on Causton Street which offer 4 hours paid parking.​ Please note- these can often get busy.

​Vauxhall Bridge Road is very busy and it is not possible to wait outside. The pick-up and drop-off point for anyone travelling to the building by car is located on Causton Street.

Please note- parking sign information was true at the time of photography, but you should check online for the latest details.

Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 10.40.26
Double automated doors leading from office out to Causton Street.
Cream double doors lead from outside back entrance into the office. There is a small incline up to doors and grey handrail on right hand side

The back entrance, which is step free, is on Causton Street. A key code is required to use this entrance and visitors should speak to reception using the intercom at the front door first, before moving to this entrance to enter the building (if they would prefer not to or cannot use the mobile ramp at the front door). 

Cyclists can use the bike park entrance to access bike spaces. They will need to log their bike with security first to get details of how to access and to collect a bike ID tag.

From the inside, press the ‘push to exit’ button to release the door.

Ramp from street down into bike and car park
Silver buzzer with 'security office' and 'out of hours' buttons and a keypad
Grey roller door on street gives access to bike park.

The side entrance, which is step free, is on Causton Street. A key code is required to use this entrance.

Cyclists can have access bike spaces via this entrance. They will need to log their bike with security first to get details of how to access and to collect a bike ID tag.

From the inside, both the gate and the shutter have sensors for automatic opening.

Within the shower facilities are lockers. Information sheets on the basement explain how the lockers can be used.

When you arrive

Reception area containing wooden reception deck, two seats, and big wall covered with books.
Reception seating area containing long orange couch, two grey armchairs and a low round and black coffee table.
Electronic gates to the right of reception desk. These are glass and separated by silver metal pillars.

The reception desk is at two heights (1m and 0.75m) to enable wheelchair users to use. Visitors should sign in here. A hearing loop is available at reception and there is a mobile unit for meeting rooms.

Once signed in, visitors can go through the electronic gates (width – 0.9m) and move straight ahead to the lifts or turn right to reach the canteen. The staircase from reception leads to all floors. 

New colleagues will be given a Facilities tour, starting at reception, on their first day. You can request a priority lift badge here too.

The back staircase with white walls and handrail
Interior of lift shows it has mirror walls, grab rails and grey carpet
Wide staircase is located to right of two lifts. Lift call button located between two lifts.
Two metal lifts side by side, with a plant on the right
The foyer stair case with white marble style steps and a green handrail

The bank of lifts is just beyond reception. There is sign displayed that shows the locations of different teams. Press the call button outside the lift and once inside click the the floor you wish to visit. The left-hand lift goes to all floors. The right-hand lift does not go to the lower ground floor. The lifts are 1.45m (depth) by 1.1m (width) and lift doors are 0.9m wide. Lifts can accommodate up to 630kg. 

When you come out the lift, signs show you where different divisions (the publishing houses and central functions) sit on the floor. Security passes are needed to go through the double doors (width – 1.7m) which are manually operated. If you are a wheelchair user, or cannot pull the door open, please speak to reception on arrival. 

If for any reason you cannot wait in line for the lifts and need priority access, request a priority lift badge at reception. 

Next to the lifts is the central staircase which goes to all floors. ​There is also a back staircase which goes from each floor to the basement area.

The basement houses a wellbeing room, recording room, massage room, showers and toilets, and kitchen. There is level access to all facilities.

Information about each facility can be found in ‘other building facilities’.

Example floor layout

Example seating area showing a range of armchairs and sofas, of different heights and colours.
Example seating area showing a range of armchairs and sofas, of different heights and colours.

Each floor contains a shared seating area that can be used for any colleagues or visitors. People choose to meet, work, or eat here as they please.

Example meeting room contains two blue armchairs, triangular wooden low table, and bookshelves. Natural light comes from two walls of windows.

Each floor contains many meeting rooms, usually allocated to a nearby team. These are either bookable on the screen panels outside each of the doors, or via our meeting room booking system. They all have seating and a table, but differ in their capacity or the technology available. 

Silver coffee machines with black touch screen front
Chilled drinking water tap with free tea and sugar in containers behind
Sink with hot water tap and washing up facilities
L shaped counter top in kitchen contains bins, sink and coffee machine on left hand side. Fridge is on back wall.

Each floor contains a kitchen that has a sink, coffee machine, fridge, kettle, glassware, recycling, food, and regular waste bins, free hot drink supplies, a cold drinks tap, and boiled water tap. 

Example seating area outside on balcony includes wooden chairs, bench and table.

There are outside seating spaces with tables and chairs on floors 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

White door with coat hanger symbols shows this is a cloakroom

Cupboards with a coat hanger symbol are free to use cloakrooms.

Restaurant and coffee bar

Bar stool seating in the canteen with large bookcase on right hand side
Food service station on right hand side where soup options are placed. A second station on left hand side contains the fridge area. The floor is a white and black floral shaped tile pattern.
Black table in canteen with grey bench to the left. Seats and tables in the background.
Food service station on left hand side where hot food options are placed. A second station on right hand side contains the salad bar.

The restaurant is located in the same space as the coffee bar. The restaurant is open Tuesday-Thursday for breakfast (8.00-10.00) and Monday-Thursday for lunch (12.00-14.30) for all colleagues and visitors. The weekly menus are available on our intranet, Roost and posted in lifts on noticeboards on the ground floor. There are microwaves and water taps to use. It can be noisy when busy, so you are welcome to take your food away to a quieter spot to eat, so long as cutlery and crockery are returned to any of the kitchen areas.

Coffee bar is a grey counter top with till on right hand side. Yellow lights hand overhead. Behind the counter are tea and coffee making machines.

The coffee bar is on the ground floor, to the right of reception. There are no steps in the coffee bar and it is on one level. It is open 8.00-18.00 (Monday-Thursday) and 8.00-15.00 (Friday). It serves hot drinks and snacks to all colleagues and visitors.

Toilet and showers

A wall and mirror area in the bathroom by a radiator
A wooden and black all-gender toilet area. It has a coat rail, bin, mirror, and side unit.
Accessible shower and toilet area. Shower is open with fabric curtain rails, and a wet-room style floor. The shower head is moveable and comes away from the wall. The nozzles are roughly 1m from the ground. A red emergency cord hangs next to the shower, freely from the cieling to floor. The toilet behind it has multiple handrails, and a padded backrest.
Green dispenser on wall contains free period products
Shower cubicle with hand sink, large mirror, glass shower door, and bamboo bath mat.
A white door with an 'All gender toilet' sign. Below there are signs to suggest a shower and that it is wheelchair accessible.
A bathroom with three sinks and individual cubicles
A door with 'Gender Neural' sign

There are gender neutral and wheelchair accessible toilets on the ground floor at the back of the building. Follow the long corridor from reception to reach these. 

There are also gender neutral and wheelchair accessible facilities in the basement in the wellbeing area, and on the ground floor.

There are gender neutral facilities on the 8th floor. All other floors have male/female bathrooms, and ambulant facilities. 

Female and gender neutral bathrooms contain free period products. 

A white door with an 'All gender toilet' sign. Below there are signs to suggest a shower and that it is wheelchair accessible.
Shower area with white tiles
A shower room with wooden bath mat

The main shower facilities are located in the basement and can be accessed directly from the cycle store area. One entrance from the cycle store is level. There are 3 individual shower cubicles (level access) and an accessible shower which is step-free.

There are also shower facilities on level 8.

Moveable blue and white shower chair with armrests and back support in the shower. Shower control box located at sitting shoulder height. Black and red emergency cord hangs freely next to chair.
Accessible shower and toilet area. Shower is open with fabric curtain rails, and a wet-room style floor. The shower head is moveable and comes away from the wall. The nozzles are roughly 1m from the ground. A red emergency cord hangs next to the shower, freely from the cieling to floor. The toilet behind it has multiple handrails, and a padded backrest.

There is an accessible shower in the basement.

The door is 0.88m wide, and the accessible shower contains a moveable shower chair (height: 0.5m, max load: 100kg). There is an emergency cord in the shower.

The accessible shower also contains a toilet and sink – both with grab rails and an emergency cord. 

Other building facilities

Colourful books across three white bookcases

There are plenty of regularly refreshed free books which colleagues can take from the corridor on the ground floor between the restaurant and lifts.

There is also a wellness library on the 3rd floor next to where the HR team sit, where you can borrow books related to health and wellbeing. 

Colleague voted Penguin Reads books are available from the walled shelving unit inside the restaurant. Soon a library curated by the colleague inclusion networks will be installed here too.

A white sign on the door reading 'First Aid' There is a slidable vacant sign. A sticker says 'Please respect social distance guidance'
Room contains single bed, shelves of first aid supplies, bed side table, armchair, phone.
Single bed with pillow and bed side table.

The first aid room is located on the ground floor at the back of the building.

If you need first aid, dial 8401 from a nearby phone, select option 2, and give your location and contact number.

The first aid room is not locked (unless occupied) and contains first aid supplies, a chair, single bed, fridge and a phone.

The room can be used by parents who need to pump breast milk, although anything stored in the fridge is done so at the users’ own responsibility.

People can use this room securely to take medication (e.g. insulin shots) and the room is lockable from the inside if people need privacy.

Wooden floored large room with mirrors along one side like a dance studio. Dim, warm lighting.

The reflection room is located the basement and can be used at any time for reflection, prayer, or meditation. There are yoga mats in the room anyone is free to use.​ The walls are mirrored and the lighting is soft.

Wall of square black lockers, each with a number pad for security
Bike parking spots

There is ample bike storage in the basement, with direct access to the lockers and shower facilities. 

Access to the basement is via Causton Street. Your contact can book a space through Facilities who can issue an ID tag to attach to your bike.

The technology support hub desk with a plant on it. There is a nearby screen and seats behind the desk.

The Tech Support Hub is on 7th Floor.

Here colleagues can help with hardware and software questions, or you can raise a ticket through the online Support Hub.