Meet Rachael – Digital Marketing Intern

Posted 05.09.14 by prhcareers

I spent a lot of time talking about books on the internet before I started my internship at Penguin Random House, on both my YouTube channel and my blog, especially Young Adult books. So when I saw the YA internship advertised, I knew that this was something I wanted to do.

I don’t have a traditional background for someone who wants to work in publishing. Mostly because I study Chemistry and Maths at university, but last year I did do a week work experience in a non-fiction publishers. I’m also incredibly active digitally, and it was a combination of skills that landed me this internship.

My internship is about researching the YA audience and helping to produce a digital marketing strategy, so it involves a range of analytical and creative skills. I’ve spent my internship doing everything from combing through spreadsheets to attending marketing brainstorm sessions.

Because I’m based in the Group Digital sector, I work across the Penguin Random House Company, which has given me the opportunity to work in the Strand, Vauxhall Bridge Road, and Ealing site, of which the whole company is split. This means I can spend a morning in one site, and go across London to another.

That’s what I’ve loved the most about my internship. The variety. There’s been so many different projects and places I’ve been too. I’ve had the opportunity to make something I’ve been doing as a hobby for the past year into a career. I’ve been able to meet people from marketing, publicity, and digital sections, and these offices is the friendliest one I’ve worked in. A particular highlight has been meeting Tom Weldon, the CEO.

I’ve been given my own project to work on, and at the end of the internship I will be able to present to senior staff, which is a huge opportunity for me. Having my own project means that I’ve really had something to sink my teeth into, and it’s also something the company will use, so it feels like I’m making a real impact.

I’m the youngest intern here, which initially I found a bit intimidating, but I realised that brought my own area of expertise, because I’m close to the YA audience. I’ve realised that when applying for internships, there’s nothing wrong with being different to the standard candidates.

I’ve had a passion for books for as long as I can remember which led me to talk about them online. I dreamed of a career in publishing, but didn’t think it was possible due to my science degree. I’m really thankful to PRH for the opportunity, and who knew that spending way too much time on the internet could land you an internship?