The London Starter Kit: Where to start… meeting people?

Posted 22.11.18 by Alex Watson

Moving to London is a big step. It can seem overwhelming trying to make new friends and settle in, and there’s so much to do and see in the city that it can be tricky to know where to start. Don’t hyperventilate just yet, however – we’re here to help with a guide to must-see sights, ideal places for meeting new people, and of course, the city’s best reading spots, to make your London experience as action-packed as you wish.

People to Meet

I came here without knowing anyone. I set myself a challenge to say ‘yes’ to any invite if there wasn’t a good reason to say ‘no.’ – Ryan, Business Partnership Manager

One of the hardest things about moving to a new place is losing your support network and having to plunge back into making new friends – a daunting prospect.

For as big and bustling as London may be, it has an incredible number of groups and communities for you to find your new gang.

You’ll find thousands of groups on hosting free or cheap activities, ranging from craft circles, family play dates, hiking or walking groups and, of course, book clubs and writing workshops. Sign up to the Society of Young Publishers to attend panels and classes while meeting other like-minded people in publishing. There’s also the BAME in Publishing and Pride in Publishing groups that run loads of great events, and Penguin Random House’s own BAME network, Colour[Full]. Libraries throughout London run regular classes and one-off workshops – an ideal venue for meeting people while improving your skillset.

If you’re hoping for exercise buddies, groups like Project Awesome run wacky fitness events in different locations throughout the city, which are great for a mood boost in your morning. The Terrible Football group runs footie sessions for all ages and abilities, in parks throughout London. You just need to take a chance, and step outside your comfort zone, to find the whirlwind of social opportunities that await you in this city.