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We see our work experience programme as a learning opportunity.


It’s a chance to go behind the scenes of a global publishing house and get an insight into what a work place is like. You’ll meet lots of people, find out what it’s like to work here and hopefully pick up some new skills along the way.


We think this is an awesome place to work and we hope you will too.

How do I apply for virtual work experience?

As part of our aims to make publishing more inclusive, we want to break down barriers to entering the industry.


We’ve taken steps towards this by offering places based on random selection. The only things that will influence your application are when you’re available and which department you’d like to join.


We pay everyone doing a work experience placement with us the National Living Wage.


As much as we’d like to, high demand means we’re unable to offer everyone a place and we’ll be in contact to let you know whether or not you were randomly selected this time. If we don’t have a place for you this time round, do keep trying.


Our next round of work experience will be virtual, to be eligible for a place:


– You must be over 18 at the point of placement


– You must not have carried out a work experience placement with us, in any department, within the last 6 months


– You must have access to a computer/ laptop, wifi, a safe and comfortable working space to enable you to take part in a virtual placement


– You must have the right to work and train in the UK. It is your responsibility to check whether this is the case and we’re afraid that we’re unable to sponsor applicants for work experience

How does it work?

Whether you’ve always known you want to work with books, or simply want to dip your toe in the water, here’s what to expect from work experience at Penguin Random House:


– A two-week placement within one of our departments: Editorial, Sales, Marketing and Publicity.


–  You’ll be paid National Living Wage. Even though you’ll be paid, there’s no employment contract or selection process like a CV or interview as we see work experience as a learning experience, not a job.


– Although the placement is virtual, you might have the option to come into the office for a couple of days. However, this will be completely optional and may depend on whether the department can supervise you during this time


– Keep in mind, getting work experience with us isn’t a prerequisite for a job at Penguin Random House. We’re interested in a whole range of experiences – and especially, your strengths and potential.


Our story together could start here…

What will I be doing?

You’ll be learning your socks off.


During your placement, you’ll become part of your team, joining meetings and trying out tasks. You’ll also take part in a group project and Q&A’s with colleagues from around the company. It’ll be a good insight into what a workplace is like and how we get stuff done.


Tasks will differ from placement to placement, but this is what you might be asked to help with:

A tote bag with Penguin Logo. books are surrounding it

Marketing and Publicity

How can you get – and keep – people’s attention? Working on paid-for campaigns, it’s up to Marketing to get our books noticed.


Forming relationships with journalists, festival directors, radio and TV producers … Publicity is about breaking through the noise and getting our books into the press.


This is what you might be asked to support with…

  • Flexing your creativity and coming up with campaign ideas
  • Hooking potential readers through contributing to our sales brochures
  • Capturing what makes a book or author unique through writing flyers, adverts and posters
  • Building our mailing lists to help spread the word about what we do
  • Researching and tracking any hype around our books
A row of Penguin Classic books in different colours


From discovering talent, developing manuscripts, and convincing colleagues that this is the book to publish, Editorial lies at the heart of the publishing process.


This is what you might be asked to support with…

  • Exercising that eye for detail through reading submissions and checking things for consistency
  • Thinking about our audiences and writing compelling book blurbs
  • Getting a feel of the team and daily workload through attending meetings. You might be writing and sending out minutes too
  • Helping things run smoothly by putting together spreadsheets and maintaining our databases
  • Reaching key audiences by sending out copies of our books
A photo of a book shop, a woman stands to the right reading a book


Sales is about building both existing and new relationships, and bringing our books to as many people as possible.


This is what you might be asked to support with…

  • Researching our position in the market
  • Providing information about our books to our customers
  • Helping publishing teams make sure our books reach our retailers – whether that’s through creating product lists, putting together order forms or processing the orders themselves

Want to keep in touch?

We’ll be shouting about upcoming applications windows on our Work Experience Facebook page.


It’s also a great place to find out what others got up to and how they found their experience.

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