Applications for 2020 Summer Internships are open.

What are your plans this summer?


You could spend 8 weeks on one of our placements, and work on projects for the UK’s largest publisher.


Whether you’re interested in learning about Editorial, Marketing, Sales or Distribution or many of our other teams, you’ll gain skills and knowledge that will equip you for wherever you go next.


You’ll work in one of our UK offices, and be paid Living Wage. Most of our opportunities are London-based, so if you’ll be coming to us from outside of London, our Starter Kit gives details of schemes that could assist you during the summer.


You’ll be part of a team, and attend key department meetings to get a better sense of what they do and how they work with other departments.


Intrigued yet?


You’ll take charge of a project, with the help of your colleagues, so there is a chance to make a real impact on how we do things.


Below, we’ve got more information on the projects you could be taking part in.


To give you an idea of what it’s like to do an internship at Penguin Random House, here are some blogs from our previous interns.

How do I apply?


We want to make our application process as straightforward as possible for you. We run two selection stages to match our interns with the right projects.


Step one: Apply here. No need to spend ages crafting the perfect CV and cover letter. You’ll simply be answering three questions to show off your skills and letting us know which office you’d like to work in.


Step two: If you’re successful, you’ll be invited to the Learning and Selection Day at the office you’ve selected.


On the day we’ll talk about what a career in publishing is like, and find the best intern for each project based on your skills and interests, and the video you’ll send us beforehand.


If you’re not successful this time, we have other learning opportunities that run throughout the year.

Dates for your diary


Tuesday 3rd March – Applications close


Friday 20th March – We’ll let you know the outcome of your application


If you’re shortlisted, you’ll be asked to attend either the morning or afternoon half day session.


Saturday 4th April – London learning and selection day


Friday 1st May  – Frating learning and selection day


The learning and selection day will be in one of our offices. Afterwards, we’ll send instructions on how to claim up to £50 of the cost of your travel back.


Monday 20th April – We’ll let you know the outcome of the London learning and selection day


Wednesday 6th May – We’ll let you know the outcome of the Frating learning and selection day


 6th July – 28th August – 9 successful finalists will join us for their Summer Internship

What are we looking for?

You don’t need a degree (or knowledge of publishing) to get a place on one of our internships.


What matters to us are the key things we’ll be looking for throughout your application:


Paying attention to detail

You’ll have a forensic eye for detail, working with care and being able to spot and fix any errors you come across.



This involves everything from being able to write clear and engaging emails and reports to being comfortable talking to a range of people, whether that’s senior team members, industry contacts or members of the public.



You’re always looking outward and are keen to learn. You enjoy exploring many viewpoints, and researching ideas and concepts.



You thrive on keeping things on track, whether for yourself or other people, taking a methodical approach to any task.


Able to take initiative 

You don’t sit and wait for opportunities to come to you; you make things happen.



A genuine interest in what you’re doing and approaching it with a great attitude.

What else do you need to know?

You’ll be working full time, Monday to Friday.


You’ll need to be over 18, and have the right to work in the UK to be considered for our internships.

Read more about the projects:

You’ll learn about transport, operations and logistics, as well as gaining an insight into working with Amazon. For this project you’ll be based in our Frating office which ships over 180 million titles every year.


In the UK we work with 25 fulfilment centres, and over 40 international Amazon locations. You’ll be working across operational functions – coordinating and recording booking and delivery information to make sure we’re meeting our agreed delivery windows.

In this project you’ll have the chance to pick up new skills – from curating audio and visual content, to organising events and social media campaigns.


You’ll be working with our highly creative Brand team to create a campaign centred on Penguin’s 85th anniversary.


To celebrate, we’ll be creating 85 remarkable events that showcase the breadth of what Penguin does. You’ll have the exciting opportunity to take the lead responsibility for an event that you’ll create and deliver with our support

By the end of the project you’ll have developed your analytical, communication and presentation skills, as well as having had the opportunity to work with Amazon.


This internship covers the breadth of all products sold online; print books, eBooks and audiobooks. You’ll do research to discover trends and patterns in our online sales, which will help guide the sales strategy and shape how we bring our books to consumers.


You’ll also work closely on a project with the teams behind our Classics publications to help make our Penguin Classic and VINTAGE Classic books easier to find on Amazon and, in doing so, to grow sales.

This project will help you to develop skills in relationships, communication and social media marketing. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of how two key departments in a busy commercial publisher work.


You’ll be working to drive the sales of our books both online and in-stores through identifying opportunities with our booksellers and high street stores using case studies and research.


At the end of the project, you’ll have the chance to present your findings to the Transworld team, and make suggestions that have the potential to shape business decisions for the future.

In this project you’ll develop social media and event coordination skills by helping us to bring the voice of teens to Penguin Platform.


You’ll help bring new teenage voices to the platform by getting involved with the creation of a new podcast, and supporting (and attending) Summer in the City.


Over the summer you’ll conduct research and come up with our own ideas to engage teenage audiences and present it back to the team.

In this internship, you’ll come away with an understanding of a variety of different book buying audiences and the best ways to reach them.


You’ll work on several projects where you’ll develop skills in creative briefing, copy writing, project management and community management.


Over the summer you’ll be helping the team with marketing campaigns for our e-book first publications, and growing the Sci-Fi and Fantasy community for our new Del Rey imprint. You’ll also be working on a project revolving around the To Kill a Mockingbird 60th Anniversary, and running marketing activity for our previously published books.


This division also includes #Merky Books, so you’ll get a chance to meet the team and find out more about the projects they’ve got lined up across the summer.


In this project you’ll act like the brand manager for a partnership with Wattpad – the globally successful online writing and reading community. You’ll be a key part of our unique and experimental partnership.


You’ll gain experience across editorial and marketing as well as gaining insight in to Young Adult publishing.


You’ll be involved in analysing data to help us learn about our readers and see the full lifecycle of the publication process.  You’ll develop skills in writing copy, recommending ‘hero’ titles and creating marketing visuals.


In this editorial project in our BBC Books imprint, you’ll have the chance to learn about the radio and book business, and how they work together.


Working with BBC Radio and Sounds, you’ll be part of the team evaluating the book potential of radio and podcasts.


Your role will be to create a process that helps the team spot opportunities for BBC Books and ensure they have the fullest and most up to date information around key projects, as well as helping raise the profile of books with the BBC teams.

You’ll learn skills in writing copy and tuning keywords, as well as developing your ability to identify and pitch a book with commercial potential.


Working with our Classics, Catalogue and Archive teams, you’ll be helping to identify books which we’ve previously published which have the potential to connect with new readers.


You’ll also be updating metadata on upcoming and high demand book titles, writing copy, sourcing review quotes and selecting online keywords.

Apply here.

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