Have you got plans for the summer?

You could spend eight weeks on one of our placements and be part of Penguin Random House, the world’s leading trade publisher.


Whether you are interested in learning about Editorial, Marketing, Sales or many of our other teams, you’ll gain skills and knowledge that will equip you for wherever you go next.


You’ll be paid London Living Wage, be part of a team and attend key department meetings to get a better sense of what they do and how they work with other departments.

Applications for 2022 are now closed.

How will it work?

You’ll take charge of a project, with the help of your colleagues, so there is a chance to make a real impact on how we do things.

Here are the projects you could be taking part in:

International Sales

Business Development


Are you a confident communicator and a creative thinker? The International Business Development team are looking for new opportunities and partners to expand our business globally. This project will involve seeking out new potential partners, researching international trends and markets and reporting your findings back to the team. New business could involve packaging our books in a different way for a retailer, developing brand new digital story content for an app or setting up a business partnership. The possibilities are endless and you’ll be contributing your ideas to shape our direction.


You will be based within International Sales but make connections with colleagues across the business in different departments, including Editorial, Production and Marketing. There will be opportunity to hone your presentation skills, network internationally, get involved in creative brainstorms and learn more about international markets and international sales.

Michael Joseph

Editorial Fiction 


This project will place you at the heart of a commercial editorial team, where you’ll help to bring exciting new fiction to Michael Joseph.


With a focus on romance novels, you’ll help assess books that are currently unpublished in the UK but have potential in our market – particularly those gaining traction internationally and on social platforms such as TikTok. Working with other editors, you’ll also play a key role in preparing new acquisitions for print, giving you experience in sourcing files, attending meetings on publishing operations and strategy, briefing covers, and working on cover copy.


With an emphasis on reader demand and innovation, this role is ideal for someone with an eye for online trends who would like to gain insight into the entire publishing process.

Strategic Projects


In this post-pandemic world, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reflect, recalibrate and reshape what it means to work at Penguin Random House when balancing working from home and the office. This project is about getting to the heart of what we do here and how we do our best work as an organisation, as part of a team and as an individual – it’s about engaging with all areas of the organisation to understand and work through the complexities and possibilities of a new style of working.


You’ll be joining the Strategic Projects team which is a key part of Penguin Random House Operations. We work across all areas of the business to help the company achieve transformational change and to support teams to deliver initiatives based on our strategic priorities.


You’ll be meeting with colleagues across the business, learning how things are done, and carrying out your own research into in hybrid working practices such as emerging trends and new innovative ideas which could be applied to our ways of working. You’ll then get to share your findings back with the team as well as help organise and support workshops and discussions.  After a summer of immersing yourselves with the business, you’ll leave knowing you’ve helped shape the future of working in publishing as well as having gained exposure and skills in project management.

Penguin General

Editorial non-fiction


This project is with the non-fiction Editorial team in Penguin General. We publish a broad range of bestselling and award-winning non-fiction books; everything from The Obamas to Philippa Perry to Bimini Bon Boulash.


Your project will help our editorial team to create winning pairs of authors and ghost-writers by creating a rich data-base of ghost-writing talent. A ghost-writer is someone whose job it is to write material for someone else who is the named author. You’ll be collecting and collating information on all the existing freelance ghost-writers that we use and then adding to this resource by researching new talent. Along the way, you’ll get to know the editorial process, the trade non-fiction market and the sort of work that we do in our editorial departments. After a summer with us, you’ll have had a complete introduction to the publishing process and the kinds of editorial roles available. It will also give you an opportunity to meet with people in various departments and master the key skills needed for a career in editorial.


This role is perfect for you if you’re an organisation buff with great networking and communication skills.



This project is based in our Production team, the people who look after getting all of Penguin Random House’s books printed – a hugely diverse variety of product from baby books to Penguin Classics.


It’s about researching our print materials both within the company and across suppliers in Asia. Liaising closely with printers and colleagues, you will compile a catalogue of our digital assets and help find solutions where those assets are incomplete, by making suggestions and finding opportunities.  In collaboration with the production team, you will help develop and implement a process for identifying and moving our print files.


Over the summer you will gain experience and knowledge of our extensive range of titles, formats, suppliers and production processes across all of the different book genres. Your project will help inform our strategy for diversifying our sustainable supply chain, as we assess new suppliers and territories for printing our books. You’ll also get a chance to attend meetings and meet different departments to see the lifecycle of a book.


This project will suit you if you’re keen to learn about the operational side of the publishing process and are interested in ethical and sustainable manufacturing.

Penguin Live 


We have an amazing opportunity to help produce a programme of live events for October 2022 to mark Black History Month. Working closely with Penguin Live, the live events arm of Penguin Random House, and the central Penguin Brand team, this is an opportunity to learn about marketing strategy, bringing a brand to life, and all aspects of event production. The placement would involve researching which authors and books by Black British writers could be featured, having input into the format and style of the events, writing engaging event copy, and supporting our marketing team to devise a marketing plan to enable us to reach the broadest possible audience.


You will gain an insight into event curation, get a chance to meet with publicists from around the business, and work with marketers from across the Penguin Audiences team. If you would like to attend one of the events in October we can arrange any necessary travel and accommodation to enable this. If you would love to learn about making a creative idea a reality, are a people person and passionate about diversity in the publishing industry, this is the project for you!


Editorial non-fiction 


You’ll be helping the acquiring editors establish a new list of books focusing on current affairs, personal development, popular science and soft business books.


You’ll already have an interest in smart non-fiction and be curious about new ideas in this space. You will be supporting the team by researching competing imprints, exploring comparison titles in this area, and suggesting new areas of business and potential authors. You’ll also get involved by helping out with some administrative tasks, and will be instrumental in creating a catalogue showcasing our books for the Frankfurt Book Fair.


After your summer with us, you’ll have an understanding of the non-fiction book market and know how to turn an idea into a bestseller. You’ll hone your researching and pitching skills and learn what it takes to bring a book to market.


This project will particularly suit you if you enjoy watching documentaries, are engaged with current affairs or are passionate about personal development.

#Merky, Cornerstone 

Brand Marketing


You’ll have the chance to work on marketing and brand-led projects with the team at #Merky Books, the publishing imprint created by Stormzy and Penguin Random House UK.


You’ll be working on marketing content for their upcoming books, including Malorie Blackman’s memoir, helping with the #Merky Books’ social media and email strategy, creating content, and engaging with the #Merky audience. You’ll also be involved with the campaign and running of the New Writers’ Prize, #Merky Books’ annual writing competition for 16–30-year-olds, and also thinking of ways to connect with influencers across different platforms, from Instagram to TikTok.


This project could be a great fit for you if you spend a lot of time scrolling through social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok, you are someone who likes to get creative, who doesn’t mind speaking up if they disagree, and who has an interest in diverse authors.


Brand and Marketing


If you love connecting with people on social media, this project could be a great fit for you. Vintage is a much-loved brand with a following of 700,000 book fans on our online channels.  The Vintage Brand team look after our social media, working alongside our Marketing and Publicity teams to make sure our audience get to hear all about our exciting new books.


This summer, we’ll be launching the first stage of a project to build a new community of influencers.  You’ll be a vital member of the project team, attending virtual workshops with colleagues across the business, undertaking online research, identifying influencers, learning how to use data and analysis tools, and helping us to develop creative.  Whether you spend a lot of time on Book Twitter, get reading recommendations from BookTok, or love discovering new creators on Substack – if you’re energised by working collaboratively and you like using your creativity to find simple solutions, we’re keen to hear from you.

How do I apply?

We want to make our application process as straightforward as possible for you.

We run three selection stages to match our interns with the right projects.

Answer the application questions

No need to spend ages crafting the perfect CV and cover letter. You’ll answer three questions in an inclusive hiring platform called Applied.


Read more about what we’ll be asking as well as some application tips here.

Virtual tasks

The highest-scoring applicants will then be invited to complete a few virtual tasks.

These help us to get to know you better, and understand your skills and interests so we can match you with one of our projects.


You’ll be interviewed by one of our managers who’ll then select the best person for their summer project.

Throughout every step of the selection process, we’ll be looking for your demonstration across six core qualities.

Will I need to travel into your London offices?

The recruitment process will be entirely virtual, so you won’t need to travel to London for any interviews or tasks, they can be completed from home.


The internships in July and August will be a hybrid set up with a balance of remote and in-person working. All of the projects on offer can be completed virtually for the majority of internship, so you won’t need to relocate to London. However, we will run four in-person days in our London offices spread across the eight weeks, to give you the opportunity to meet your team in person, see the offices and learn from those around you. These dates will be shared nearer the time. If you would like to be in the office more than that, we will be happy to arrange this.


If you would need support or accommodation to attend the four in-person days, we can discuss options before the internship starts.


If the four days in person aren’t possible due to accessibility reasons, we can accommodate reasonable adjustments.

Who can apply?

You don’t need to have been to University, or have work experience in publishing to be eligible.

The only criteria for applicants, other than an interest in working with us and learning more about publishing, is that you’re over 18, and have the legal right to work in the UK.

Dates for your diary for 2022

Friday 25th March Applications opened


Friday 8th April at 1:00pm  Applications closed


Thursday 28th April  We’ll let you know the outcome of your application 


16th – 20th May  Learning and selection week


Wednesday and Thursday 18th and 19th May  Virtual interview days


Tuesday 25th May We’ll let you know the outcome of the learning and selection week.


4th July – 26th August  9 successful finalists will join us for their Summer Internship

If your application is shortlisted, you’ll take part in our learning and selection week. You’ll complete virtual tasks, and have an interview with some of our colleagues.


While you can complete the virtual tasks in your own time, you’ll need to be available on the virtual interview day to take part.

To get a flavour of what it’s like to intern at Penguin Random House, you can also read about the experiences of our previous years’ interns in our blog.

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