We will be running internships for 2019 this Summer.

We will open applications on 29th March.

Summer Internships

What are your plans this summer?

Make your summer count.


Penguin Random House is the UK’s largest publisher, and we have 9 internships that will run from 8 July – 30 August, paid at London Living Wage and based at one of our three London offices.


Whether you’re interested in Editorial, Marketing, Sales or Rights, you’ll gain skills and knowledge that will equip you for wherever you go next.


You’ll be part of a team, attending key department meetings to get a better sense of what they do and how they work with other teams too. You’ll take charge of a project with the support of the team, so there is the chance to make a real impact on how we do things.


Intrigued yet? We’ve got more information on each internship below to help you decide which ones interest you.

What are we looking for?

If you can grow and adapt in new situations, that’s what matters to us. You don’t need a degree or knowledge of publishing to apply and succeed.


The key things we’ll be looking for throughout your application will be:



You’ll be able to build strong working relationships quickly and take on other people’s opinions



This involves everything from being able to write emails and reports that send a clear message to being confident talking to a range of people, whether that’s senior team members, industry contacts or members of the public



You’re keen to learn, and you enjoy exploring and researching ideas and concepts



You’re happy to try, make mistakes, change things, and try again



You don’t sit and wait for opportunities to come to you; you make things happen


Online Awareness

An interest in how digital technology and the internet impact our business

What else do you need to know?

  • 22 Apr: applications close
  • 17 May: find out if you’ll move to the next stage
  • 21/22 May: video interview coaching
  • 25 May-3 Jun: video interviews
  • 14 Jun: find out if you’ll move to the next stage
  • 18-28 Jun: face-to-face interviews


Our normal office hours are 9:30 – 5:30 but we’ll be operating under Summer Hours, which means redistributing our hours to have half days on Fridays.

Read more about each project

As part of our Audiences & Audio division, our Penguin Live team produces over 50 ticketed events and tours per year. They provide opportunities for our readers to enjoy the ultimate connection; live experiences with the writers they love. We often sell more copies of books as a result too.


You’ll gain digital marketing experience by discovering different ways to increase ticket sales for Penguin Live events. The events range from intimate gatherings to extensive tours, featuring comedians and novelists, chefs and big thinkers – from Ruby Wax, Simon Sinek and Caitlin Moran to Margaret Atwood, Irvine Welsh and Rick Stein. We produce company-wide campaigns too, such as the hugely successful Penguin Pride – which celebrates our LGBT authors through inclusive events that inspire communities. You’ll help imagine and create a new type of event aimed at readers of commercial fiction. This would be your ideal internship if you’re interested in learning more about events promotion, marketing, and/or sales. There will be opportunities to attend the events you’ve helped create too.

We want our books to reach the widest audience possible. Cornerstone works across a huge range of commercial books – there’s something for everyone, from James Patterson, Lisa Jewell and Katie Fforde to Tim Peake, Wiley and Michael Palin.


For new readers, you’ll be working closely with the marketing team to make our biggest brands and authors as visible and appealing as possible across online platforms. For existing fans, you will be assisting in ongoing research projects, discovering who the best influencers are for different books, and engaging with them by devising social media strategies and writing compelling newsletter content. You will gain first-hand experience of working on some of the leading commercial fiction and non-fiction brands across the industry, learn about Consumer Insight and the importance of metadata, and will help get our books into the hands of readers all over the world.

When people have a question, we want our books to be the answer. Ebury is a leading non-fiction publisher, releasing everything from memoir to self-help; cookery to sport; business to humour, and also publishes commercial fiction.


This internship will involve writing articles for that use the right keywords and search terms to bump us up the Google rankings, so you’ll have a good understanding of writing copy. You’ll also research what content we can create for other platforms, such as LinkedIn and Slideshare. You’ll sit within our Marketing team and gain an understanding of SEO and search traffic, and get great hands-on experience of how to use a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress.

Penguin General publishes books that can be enjoyed by anyone – that spark curiosity about the world around us and promote a love of great storytelling. We want our books, whether they’re the ones people knew they wanted or the ones they happened upon, to be the ones chosen, and a sure-fire way of making this happen is to make sure they appear at the top of the search results.


When a customer clicks on one of our books – by the likes of John le Carré, Ben Macintyre and Ali Smith – your written description of the book will persuade them how great our books are and convince them to click ‘buy’. You’ll experiment with the ‘metadata’ (e.g. keywords and subject categories that we put them in) to discover what makes them appear at the top of the search results. You’ll be curious to know which non-book topics people are talking about – for example, spotting an opportunity to promote George Orwell’s 1984 to people searching news stories about social media privacy. You’ll measure what works best in order to create a guide for Penguin General that explains how they can pick the best metadata for their books – to increase the chance of our books being discovered online by consumers, and therefore bought and loved.

Penguin Random House Children’s is the UK’s No. 1 children’s publisher and home to some of the most recognised children’s entertainment brands and authors including Peppa Pig, Roald Dahl, John Green, and Malorie Blackman. And they take their responsibility to Education seriously.


You’ll help the team promote the content that they have to offer in a way that is educational and fun. One day you could create learning materials for teachers to use in classrooms. The next day you might look for ways to promote our Puffin Virtually Live webcast to schoolchildren around the world. You’ll be interested in measuring the success of what the team are already doing, and how to make it even better. So if you want to develop marketing skills, and care about children’s education and books – this could be your ideal internship.

Our Digital Sales team are curious to know how people shop for books online. During this internship, you’ll experiment with promotions for our books online in a variety of ways.


One day you could be selecting books for a price promotion. Another day you might target our online adverts so that they appear when customers are looking at similar books. You’ll even tweak the ‘metadata’ (aka online search keywords) linked to our books to make sure they always appear at the top of the search results for related topics.


You’ll be interested in what motivates people to buy books online and find out how we can increase sales. You’ll also be curious to try different approaches and measure the success until you find what has the most impact.

We aim to give you a crash course that will prepare you for a career in technology. The Commercial & Vendor Management team is responsible for all the technology suppliers for Penguin Random House, from hardware to software to systems and services, and this internship will teach you about Technology Contracts, how to procure a new technology contract, and how an enterprise IT function runs.


You’ll work closely with the Service Management team and other technology team leaders to define what information they need in a contract, automate reports and create dashboards, as well as make sure no key information is missing from our current contracts. This internship will be across all our London offices and include occasional travel to our Frating office (which is paid for).

Transworld publish a focused list of the UK’s best-loved fiction and non-fiction authors from big brand names to bestselling debuts – such as Dan Brown, Sophie Kinsella, Paula Hawkins, and Stephen Hawking. Their mission for you is to help potential book-buyers discover our products online, and convince them to click ‘buy’.


You’ll experiment with the ‘metadata’ (aka keywords) that help people search for our books online, to see what brings our books to the top of the search list. You might do this by rewriting the ‘copy’ (written material) found on our books to make it as persuasive as can be for online customers. You’ll find out what non-book topics people are interested in, and use related keywords that connect those conversations or subjects to our books – e.g. promoting Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time to someone searching ‘black holes’ online. You’ll measure your success in driving online book sales in order to replicate it. There’ll also be opportunity to gain general marketing skills and experience too.

Vintage is is the home of world-class writing and beautiful design. For books that are good inside and out, follow us on Instagram @VintageBooks.


We want you to work on a project to encourage people to leave more reviews for our books on platforms including Amazon, NetGalley and Goodreads. You’ll start by doing research about the ways we and other businesses encourage reviews. You’ll come up with some ideas and design, test and implement them. You’ll work with Publicity, Marketing and Sales, as well as with designers and influencers, and gain an understanding of why reviews are important, and how we can best use them. There’s also scope to help to further strengthen our relationships with independent bookshops across the UK.

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