What are your plans this summer?


Make your summer count.


Penguin Random House is the UK’s largest publisher, and we have 9 internships that will run from 8th July – 30th August 2019, paid at London Living Wage and based at one of our three London offices.


Whether you’re interested in Editorial, Marketing, Sales or Design, you’ll gain skills and knowledge that will equip you for wherever you go next.


You’ll be part of a team, attending key department meetings to get a better sense of what they do and how they work with other teams too. You’ll take charge of a project with the support of the team, so there is the chance to make a real impact on how we do things.


Intrigued yet? We’ve got more information on the possible projects you could be working on below and each offers a real opportunity to learn how our different divisions work and gain useful insights in to the day to day of working in Publishing.


This year, you’ll apply to one internship application and if successful you’ll advance to a Learning and Selection Day where we’ll talk about what a career in publishing entails and find the best intern for each project, based on your skills and interests.

What are we looking for?

If you can grow and adapt in new situations, that’s what matters to us. You don’t need a degree or knowledge of publishing to apply and succeed.


The key things we’ll be looking for throughout your application will be:


Attention to detail

You’ll have a forensic eye for detail, working with care and being able to spot and fix any errors you come across.



This involves everything from being able to write clear and engaging emails and reports to being comfortable talking to a range of people, whether that’s senior team members, industry contacts or members of the public.



You’re always looking outward and are keen to learn. You enjoy exploring and researching ideas and concepts.



You thrive on keeping things on track, whether for yourself or other people, taking a methodical approach to any task.


Able to take initiative 

You don’t sit and wait for opportunities to come to you; you make things happen



A genuine interest in what you’re doing and approaching it with a great attitude. Your passion for ideas and stories shines through in your work.

What else do you need to know?

  • 22 April: applications close at 11:55pm
  • 7 May: find out if you’ll move to the next stage
  • 8-19 May: Get to know you HireVue videos
  • 25 May: Learning and Selection Day in our Strand offices in London
  • 8 July: First day


Our normal office hours are 9:30 – 5:30 but we’ll be operating under Summer Hours, which means redistributing our hours to have half days on Fridays.

Read more about each project that you might be working on

Are looking for a Creative Intern to help our books and authors reach the widest possible audience. You’ll have the opportunity to work across the Cornerstone list, from the world’s biggest brand authors to the most exciting breakout literary voices. Your project will include working with the Campaign Managers to on digital marketing strategies, research for our audiobooks and help to create marketing materials such as digital assets, copy and presentations.

We’ll be celebrating Puffin books throughout 2020, and we are looking for an intern to engage our audiences in a year-long championing  of our books, authors and brand.  You will research to develop a range of content including fun facts and intriguing figures, inspirational quotes as well as #onthisday trivia, quiz questions and more to help us celebrate across social media our Puffin stories, authors, heritage and more for 365 days.

You will be at the heart of the Editorial team, working closely with colleagues in Sales, Marketing and Publicity to present our books online focusing on ways to optimise sales of our books, both physical and digital. You’ll improve discoverability and, crucially, conversion rates from glance to buy on Amazon and elsewhere.

On this internship you’ll be assisting the Education editorial and design teams to prepare educational series and online resources ready for publication, as well as conducting online research to feed into new projects. Your days will vary from proof-reading and checking audio tracks to updating title databases and supporting the design team. You may also be asked to contribute editorial ideas for new and exciting titles.

Are looking for an intern to help identify new areas for Penguin Business to publish in, new authors, and interesting topics to be explored?  Your goal would be to identify new authors and ideas and potential leads by the end of the interview. You’ll do this by looking at previous reports, researching the various authors and ideas in more detail and drafting approach letters to engage them.

There are over 1,000 titles on the Vintage Classics list and we think there are opportunities to grow the audience and sales for many of them, but we need to improve their discoverability on Amazon and online. You’ll need to look outwards to the wider world, keeping an eye on the bestseller lists, cultural events, film, TV, current affairs, and think strategically how we could link to these opportunities.

You’ll be focusing on supporting the Partnerships Manager to approach and secure exciting and innovative partnerships for key projects such as: Other People Feel Blue and Puffin 80th Anniversary. You will work closely with marketing, PR and editorial teams; pulling together bespoke pitches for different retailers and brand partners; thinking creatively about how we can use our content and IP; attending pitch meetings and working with our warehouse on processes.

You’ll be working on our repackaged Vermilion Essentials range, working to engage key audiences with these books by creating a fresh content strategy. On a day to day basis you’ll look to utilise influencers and brand partners while creating your own social assets for the campaign. This is the perfect project for someone who is a social media fiend with a creative eye that knows how to grab people’s attention.

You will be supporting the project’s managing editor, in the production and delivery of a special audio project for our pre-school publishing using innovative cutting edge technology. You will attend audio recordings, check audio files, help to manage artwork delivery and production, and liaise with a variety of experts across the Children’s team.

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