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We’re the UK’s largest publisher; made up of some 2,000 people and publishing over 1,500 books each year.

Our doors
are open
to all kinds
of talent

We’re the UK’s largest publisher; made up of some 2,000 people and publishing an incredible range of books from cookery to classics, history to horror. Our doors are open to all kinds of talent, and we want everyone who works here to feel a sense of belonging. Colleagues are supported to do their best work and motivated to make their mark in realising our shared purpose: to connect more people with great stories and ideas. Collaboration, creativity, and entrepreneurship lie at the heart of what we do.

In a constantly evolving industry, we work hard to stretch the definition of publishing. Here, you’ll work with a breadth of talent from editors, technologists, designers, salespeople, publicists, digital marketers, distributors, and many others, to make each of our books a success. Together, we make books for everyone because a book can change anyone. 

Life at Penguin

People often ask what it’s like to work here. What makes us special may appear contradictory, but it’s the contrasts that will make your life at Penguin unique, challenging and rewarding.

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Profit & purpose

For us, profit and purpose go hand in hand. We’re a commercial company, and our people focus on growth and being the best in the industry. Making money allows us to invest in our colleagues, new books and address the issues we care about, from literacy to equal access to books. You’ll be motivated by success, making your mark, and driving change. Here, you’ll gain a sense of achievement from reaching your goals and making a difference. 

Individual & shared

Here, every role counts. Each book we publish brings together a diverse and multi-skilled team who share their perspectives and expertise. You’ll play your part in achieving our mission, while gaining opportunities to develop your career in a variety of ways. We’ll challenge you to aim high, be ambitious, and find your own path. We ask for your determination and commitment, and in return offer you a range of support including mentoring, secondments, and development programmes; as well as a package of flexible benefits tailored to you, so you can be your best both at work and home.

Enduring & advancing

Working for Penguin means looking after our well-loved brand and being bold, innovative, and forward-looking, to take advantage of new formats and technologies. You’ll harness our heritage and play a key role in delivering our future. You’ll be interested in what’s next, what’s new and never stand still. We are proud of where we’ve come from and want to welcome more people from different backgrounds and industries into Penguin and publishing. We’re excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for our brand, books, and people.

Large & small

We’re the most widely recognised book publisher in the world, and with that comes opportunity. Here, you’ll find a wide range of roles, great benefits, and the stability and support you’d expect from a big company. You’ll find enjoyment and pride in working closely with the very best colleagues and authors and see how we use our size and power to shape the cultural conversation. At the same time, our nine independent publishing houses are empowered to make their own financial and editorial decisions. Our specialist business areas are also agile and ambitious, with their own culture and areas of focus. United by our mission, at Penguin you’ll work in a company that is simultaneously large and small, with the opportunity to build relationships with colleagues right across the company. 

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