Marketing & Publicity

Telling people about the next big book

Marketing and publicity are about breaking through the noise to get books to everyone, because a book can change anyone. It’s how you get – and keep – people’s attention. They’re about building audiences and communities for our authors and brands – and keeping them hungry for the next installment.


Each of our nine publishing houses have their own dedicated marketing and publicity (sometimes referred to as ‘campaigns’ or ‘communications’) team that align to the goals of their division. Each publishing house organises its teams differently: to best meet the needs of their publishing.

A wheel of marketing illustrations, around a large book. One is on their phone, another photographs on a camera, one uses a mic, the other is pointing at a video symbol and looking at graphs.


Marketing is about knowing and understanding audiences. Thinking about readers and what makes them want to read our books and finding the most effective ways to reach them. Marketing teams can support the publishing team on acquisition with consumer trends or design, bringing in expertise about how readers think and the wider market.

Marketing campaigns are about reaching the right audiences, with the right message at the right time. This might be to a core audience or to a wider audience who could discover the book through the campaign.

Within the marketing team, people can work on campaigns, or more specialist areas such as data insight, design, or copywriting. Their tactics involve anything from online ads, to events, and book proofs.

Publicity is about getting the books in front of the consumer using sources that readers trust. This can be the media (including print, television & radio, online channels, podcasts etc), bookshops, or via influencers.

Publicists understand which consumer-facing channels work best for audiences, have the greatest impact, and can showcase our books in a positive and engaging way. They often run events like book signings, tours, or festivals, and accompany authors where needed. Working closely with authors and the media is an important part of being a publicist. These teams prepare our authors for media interviews, helping them to hone their key messages about their books and preparing them for interviews of varying lengths, formats, and across diverse media channels.

They bring a passion for publishing combined with confidence, resilience, and enthusiasm. Alongside the best in the business, they do purposeful work in an ambitious, success-driven culture where no two days are the same. Publicity benefit from an ever-expanding personal network, develop relevant skills, and have a lasting impact on our products and authors. 



Outside of the publishing houses, you can also find marketing skillsets in our brand department. They are home to the digital marketing, creative, and content skills that grow the reach and impact of brand activities and the campaigns of our key authors across all of the publishing houses. They have a deep understanding of our readers, how – and where – they discover their next read online, and know exactly how to connect the dots through digital marketing activities to make sure they can easily find what they are looking for.  

They deliver brand campaigns, events, and owned digital channel experiences. They focus on maintaining and strengthening the Penguin brand, ensuring that the strong design heritage of the company is upheld, whilst driving increased audience engagement. They connect in with each publishing house to make sure that all of our marketing and publicity activity is in alignment with the wider Penguin brand.

We also market ourselves to prospective candidates and talent, as well as our customers and consumers. Sat within our recruitment function, our employer brand team position us as an attractive employer, maintain our online careers channels, and run events or campaigns that market specific teams or roles. They work with all of the colleagues across every publishing house and specialist group function to market the work that we do here, and what it’s like to be a part of the Penguin team.

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