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The Library and Archive team are very proud of our heritage and recognise the important role we have as keeper and curator of a vast archive of valuable and noteworthy pieces of publishing and cultural history.

They are based at our Rushden location, where we hold and catalogue archival copies of titles published by Penguin Books UK.

We hold a wide range of resources at the archive, including:

  • -Penguin titles: including audiobooks, and historic Penguin series like the Forces Book Club for example
  • -Archival editorial files, author correspondence and publicity materials
  • -Random House’s and Penguin’s publishing contracts before 2000
  • -Artwork
  • -Archival publisher’s catalogues, sales ledgers, and stock books
  • -Random House company archives
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Library & Archive

The Library and Archive team loan books to colleagues, and answer bibliographic, contractual or file queries. The team loves to keep our colleagues connected to our history, so arrange site visits for colleagues.

Additionally, they handle requests and grant permission (internally and externally) to access the archives held by the University of Reading and the University of Bristol.

Where possible, the team also loans items from our collections to external galleries and museums so that everyone can enjoy our history.

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