The art of story-selling

Sales act as a team of matchmakers, pairing the right book with the right retailer in the UK and around the world. They arm the other teams with the best insight and advice about the publishing market, tailored for each specific book.


Here sales work could be anything from hand selling to an independent bookseller or for the supermarket shelves. You could be maximising the consumer journey on Amazon and other retailer platforms – we’re all about finding ways to achieve growth. This might mean forming new partnerships or making tweaks to the product itself – there’s a world of possibility. Sales actively seek out these new horizons and are commercial in their approach.

A shopping basket with star, banana, and book inside

Online, digital, and audio

The online, audio, and digital sales team are selling our books in multiple formats (physical, digital, and audio) through online platforms like Amazon and iBooks.

Sales operations manage the logistical relationship with our customers and ensure they receive the right books at the right price at the right time. They also develop new systems and projects to smooth out an increasingly complicated supply chain.

Sales operations

UK adult trade

Our UK adult trade team sell any of our adult trade titles directly to high street retailers, supermarkets, online retailers, and wholesalers. Field sales specifically relate to sell directly to independent bookshops across the UK and Ireland.

The children’s team are responsible for the sale of all children’s titles in various formats – including those on the UK trade and non-trade lists.



International sales sell our books to over 130 countries worldwide, both directly to retailers and distributing through the PRH Global companies. Alongside established markets, they pursue new business in international markets outside of traditional trade channels including, but not limited to, customised product and educational sales. They also work with the marketing teams to promote our books around the world, both in store and directly to consumers.

The bibliographic metadata and ONIX team provide a central service to the publishing community for the creation, management, and optimisation of bibliographic metadata to comply with industry standards.

They ensure the timely distribution of metadata in the ONIX platform to stakeholders in the supply chain for the enhanced discoverability and sales of our titles.

Bibliographic metadata and ONIX


Non-trade sales sell into channels outside of the trade (including non-bookstore retail outlets), focusing specifically on discount and bargain retailers, gift and high-street retailers, charities, and brand partnerships.

Data science and analytics build innovative and data-driven solutions​​ that drive ethical and commercially responsible decisions​​ for all of our books​​.

Through AI algorithms, experiments, data science visualisations, and product strategies, the team helps the business make data-driven commercial decisions at scale, optimising our book sales.

Data science and analytics