Enabling commercial and
creative success – responsibly

Legal are very much embedded in the publishing process – from start to finish and advise on matters right across the entire business.

At all times, Legal act as strategic partners to the business and are closely connected with the publishing houses and group function departments, supporting on key publishing titles, different projects, and competing priorities. They also play an important role in risk management and protecting both the business and our authors.

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Commercial law

Our commercial lawyers negotiate robust agreements with our partners to ensure those stories reach the widest possible audience.

Our publishing lawyers work closely with Penguin’s editors and authors pre-publication on their manuscripts to help get important stories told and in compliance with the law.

Publishing law

Brand law

Our brand lawyers protect the integrity and commercial value of our Penguin and character brands and together with our film, tv and stage lawyer enable the success of those brands beyond the book, and into productions and merchandise.

Our anti- piracy expert works to ensure our that our content and Intellectual Property (IP) is protected online.

Anti-piracy law