Protecting our legacy
and driving our future

We own the most recognised and well-loved brand in publishing. Our Brand teams work together to harness this power so that all kinds of readers can discover and enjoy our books, now and for many years to come.

They are a central department made up of several areas of specialist expertise, all of which have one thing in common: the Penguin brand is at the heart of everything they do. Among them, you’ll find experts in digital marketing, communications, brand, design, content, and audiences.

A network diagram showing two people in circles, joined up with the Penguin emblem logo


Our Communications team tells the story of our company and brand to internal and external audiences. They look after both external and internal communications.

They protect and enhance the external reputation of our books, company, and brand in the wider world, through PR activity and issue management. For example, they help raise awareness of our social impact initiatives through creative comms and media activity, and they support the publishing houses in managing complicated media inquiries and issues relating to our publishing. They collaborate with HR on our employer brand and narrative as an employer to potential talent, through channels like LinkedIn.

They make sure our colleagues feel informed, inspired, and engaged with news that matters to them. That includes running our whole-company briefings, managing our company intranet Roost, and working on the comms for important company announcements or changes.

Not everyone in our society has access to books, so the Social Impact team’s work is focused on supporting the delivery of our company mission, ‘We make books for everyone, because a book can change anyone’.

The Social Impact team act as facilitators and change-makers through partnering with various organisations to bring about positive impact. Externally their work is focused on our three flagship social impact programmes, WriteNow, World of Stories and Lit in Colour, whilst internally supporting on inclusion and access activities that relates to our workforce and content we publish.

Social Impact

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing oversees the full digital marketing funnel, from online traffic acquisition and discovery, to sales and consumer loyalty. Through best-practice marketing technology and data skills, they build a deep understanding of our consumers to enable personalised book recommendations which meet a reader’s needs at the right time.

The Digital Content team Connect audiences across multiple channels with our books and authors through editorial, video and podcast. Alongside them, our Paid Media team bring experience in planning and running programmatic and social digital media campaigns within the Digital Media team.

The Channel team maintains and optimises our key Penguin channels – which can include thematic channels like ‘Dead Good’ and certain author channels. The Digital Channels team are responsible for the end-to-end user experience and commercial outcomes across all Penguin digital channels.

Our Digital Planning function are responsible for how our whole department works together to reach readers. They are specialist team members, skilled in project management or communications with the experience of owning commercial projects end-to-end. This team is also responsible for identifying opportunities to drive catalogue sales.

Brand Marketing

The Brand Marketing team protects and grows the Penguin brand, which involves working to influence public perception of a brand and therefore increasing its commercial and cultural value. Alongside the maintenance of our visual identity, positioning and Tone of Voice, they hold specialisms in running brand campaigns and marketing our company activities to our key audiences, like our under 25 readers for example.

The Creative Design team includes both photography and design experts, who often work together to deliver the visual elements of brand campaigns or owned digital channel experiences. This team produces the creative across our digital channels by working on set with photographers, set designers, and stylists.

Our Insights team are audience and data specialists with the skills and expertise to know and understand our existing and target audiences. They run our reader panels, brand health tracker, and support the wider team or business by organising tailored insight projects. They hold data visualisation and story-telling skills that they use to influence and support other colleagues.

The Marketing Technology team oversee the implementation and usage of site analytics across the business, SEO to drive increased visibility of our websites, and development of onsite personalisation. These roles are quite specialised, with the strategic direction to drive the capability building for a marketing technology stack, including resourcing and vendor management, and specialised expertise within each functional area.

Marketing Technology

Employer Brand

Outside of the Brand department, we market ourselves to prospective candidates and talent, as well as our customers and consumers. Sat within our recruitment function, our employer brand team positions us as an attractive employer, maintains our online careers channels, and runs events or campaigns that market specific teams or roles. They work with all of their colleagues across every publishing house and specialist group function to market the work that we do here, and what it’s like to be a part of the Penguin team.