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Publishing Operations are the lungs of the business – turning manuscripts and images into books. They oversee the making of our finished product in their various formats. From cover conception and design, to paper type and layout, they bring our books from idea to actuality.

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Production turn the edited manuscripts and finished artwork into printed books. It is their responsibility to make sure our books look great, meet their publication dates, and are as profitable as possible.

They work across all departments as well as with printers and suppliers all over the world. Production work with everyone from editors to printers, sales colleagues to data warehouses. Their attention to detail, negotiation skills, and running things like clockwork make sure that every single book published is one to be proud of.

The inventory team manages the stock and printing of Penguin’s books from their first print run and any reprints, right through to adding to our backlist catalogue or making ‘out of print’. They work with Sales, Production, Finance, Editorial and almost every publishing department to make sure books are printed, in stock, and with our retailers on time. They act in true partnership with our distribution colleagues and our printing partners.

Inventory management

Print marketing

Alongside the production of our books, the publishing operations department manage the production of marketing materials like ‘point of sale’ items with their dedicated team of experts. Equipped with specialist knowledge of print marketing materials, and processes, this team help our publishing house and brand experts translate their creative concepts into physical materials. They advise stakeholders from around the business on cost, schedule, and sustainability and manage the relationship with our suppliers.

Alongside our role as a publisher of books that change minds and behaviour, it’s vital that we consider how we can innovate and improve to reduce the environmental impact of our own operations. Our sustainability team manage the sustainable creation of our product, including the sourcing of our materials and suppliers. They advise the wider business on how to act for the planet.


Ebook operations

The eBook operations team ensure best practice for the production and distribution of eBooks across the large Penguin Books UK catalogue. They are responsible for researching and developing high-standard technical specifications and innovating on any titles deemed a ‘complex’ design like a cookbook or illustrated title for example. Ebook operations coordinate the frontlist eBook schedule for the department.

They manage the relationships with key external partners in the digital supply chain and ensure the maximum number of titles are on sale.

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