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Delivering feedback, training with the National Theatre

Posted 22.02.16

“It was a treat to have to engage with ideas and theory that are not part of my everyday work life.”   Hello, Beth – tell us a…
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Meet our Learning and Development team

Posted 19.01.16

"We’re not afraid to try new things, push boundaries and do things differently." Meet our L&D team – Nicola, Cara, Sophie, Alex and Yasmin Hello, Team L&D –...
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How do you deal with and bounce back from life?

Posted 05.11.15

By Claire Thomas, @OD_ClaireT I said I’d be thinking about you. And I have. Trying to navigate the world of work can be daunting and we need all…
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I am a champion. This and more from #cipd15

Posted 04.11.15

By Claire Thomas, @OD_ClaireT I can guess what you might be thinking if you’ve been following today’s tweets from #cipd15. HR people talk about people. Big deal. Isn’t…
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Here’s the plan for #cipd15

Posted 03.11.15

By Claire Thomas, @OD_ClaireT It was tough, I can’t deny, thinking about you instead of me. What might you be curious about, like to know about, as you…
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Ever wondered what HR people talk about when they get together? #cipd15

Posted 13.10.15

By Claire Thomas, @OD_ClaireT It would be kind of useful to know, wouldn’t it, so that when you’re thinking about the type of job you want and the…
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