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Degree announcement – Q&A

Posted 01.02.16

On Monday 18th January we announced that we’d be removing the requirement for a degree from the recruitment process across all our jobs. And what a couple of…
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We’re back.

Posted 29.09.15

Sorry that we’ve been a little quiet on here for a while – we’ve been Scheming… Now we’re back, we thought it might be helpful to give you…
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Turning the tables – preparing your own interview questions

Posted 19.11.14

So you’ve prepared well for your interview – you’ve given great examples of your experience, you’ve demonstrated your passion for the role and you’ve even nailed a couple…
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Tough interview questions: what to do if you’re stuck

Posted 01.07.14

In a recent post, we gave you some insight into how to answer those tough interview questions you weren’t expecting. You can refresh your memory here. But what…
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The digital interview

Posted 15.05.14

Just when you thought you had the face-to-face interview technique perfected, a new breed of interview has arrived: the digital interview.  The concept may be unfamiliar, and even…
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Tough interview questions: a guide to tackling them

Posted 02.04.14

We’ve all been in an interview where someone has asked us a question which made us freeze up – either because we didn’t see it coming, or because…
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Interview etiquette: the dos and don’ts

Posted 03.03.14

So you’ve got the perfect CV and a covering letter good enough to sell meat to a vegetarian. The next step to securing that dream job is the…
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