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Meet Tom, Head of Data, Insight & Analytics

Posted 22.02.16

“As a team, the work we do is quite technical and scientific in nature – getting to do a role like that in such a creative industry is…
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Meet James, Business Analyst

Posted 20.01.16

“There is a very vibrant and friendly culture within our team across all sites.” Hello, James – so you’re a Business Analyst – what does that mean? A…
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Meet Gulliver, Commercial Lawyer

Posted 18.01.16

“I previously wouldn’t get away with wearing jeans and suede winkle-pickers.” Hello, Gulliver – so you’re a Commercial Lawyer – what does that mean? Basically I’m a solicitor….
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Meet Suzanna, Head of Customer Services

Posted 15.01.16

“The best thing about my job? The people” Hello, Suzanna – so you’re Head of Customer Services – what does that mean? I am responsible for Frating and…
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