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Meet Kim, Editor

Posted 12.01.16

“I think I’ve had the most unorthodox route in publishing of anyone I’ve met.”  Hello, Kim. First up, what is your job title and what does that mean?…
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Meet Giulia, International eBook Sales Coordinator

Posted 21.12.15

“I was put to work almost right away and felt like a regular member of the team from early on.” So you’re the International eBook Sales Coordinator –…
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Meet Kristina, Developer

Posted 08.12.15

This week, we’ll be joining schools and business around the world to promote Hour of Code – a campaign to encourage anyone between the ages of 4-104 to…
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Meet Jonathan, Head of International Business Development

Posted 04.12.15

“Where do you see yourself in three years’ time?” A classic interview question – and one you’ve possibly had to answer more than once. But wouldn’t it be…
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Meet Casey, Senior Service Desk Analyst

Posted 24.11.15

“This is the most diverse and complex IT set-up that I’ve ever been part of.” Hello Casey – so you’re a Senior Service Desk Analyst, Request Fulfilment –…
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Meet Grace, Editorial Assistant

Posted 16.11.15

“I get to work on great titles, come up with new ideas, be creative … all whilst wearing really bright clothes instead of a suit.” Hello Grace –…
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Meet Claire, Technology Business Partnership Manager

Posted 11.11.15

“There’s more of a culture of asking forgiveness rather than permission.”  Who better to show you what life is like at Penguin Random House than the people who work…
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How do you deal with and bounce back from life?

Posted 05.11.15

By Claire Thomas, @OD_ClaireT I said I’d be thinking about you. And I have. Trying to navigate the world of work can be daunting and we need all…
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I am a champion. This and more from #cipd15

Posted 04.11.15

By Claire Thomas, @OD_ClaireT I can guess what you might be thinking if you’ve been following today’s tweets from #cipd15. HR people talk about people. Big deal. Isn’t…
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Here’s the plan for #cipd15

Posted 03.11.15

By Claire Thomas, @OD_ClaireT It was tough, I can’t deny, thinking about you instead of me. What might you be curious about, like to know about, as you…
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