Entry level

You’ve decided publishing is for you.

What next?

Making that leap into a longer-term role can seem daunting. To shed some light on the process, here’s what you can expect from us.

What salary can you expect in an entry level role?

You‘ll start on £26,500.

Expect a £1,000 increase on your first anniversary in this role to reflect your growing contribution.


Our first stage is often via digital video –

HireVue. Our best advice to you is to relax and be yourself. There are practice questions you can try, and it’s not about perfect presentation – we’re much more interested in the content of your answers.

We’ll then invite you in to our office for a face-to-face interview, so you can get to know us more personally. For your interview, think longer term – as an editor, who would you be publishing right now? As a marketer, what campaign has most inspired you this year?

We partner with The Book Trade Charity who offer financial support to people looking to enter the book trade but who may struggle to afford the costs of attending interviews and undertaking internships. For more information visit www.booktradeentrysupport.org.